Hair Styling & Treatments

Consultations are built into the appointment so there is no need for a separate visit but you are welcome to do that if you are feeling unsure.

Please arrive with hair thoroughly detangled and minimal product. If you have just taken down braids please detangle and comb through your hair to remove shed prior to service.

If you wear your hair naturally curly please select a curly hair service when scheduling online or if you call please tell the person helping you that you are having a curly service.

  • Services are time specific so please schedule for the service that you want to be sure there is a proper amount of time.
  • ”Twist Set” Hair is neatly put into 5-8 twists, client leaves with twists in and takes them down when they are dry. Twists can be worn as a style for many days even once they are dry.
  • ”Wash & Go” Hair is thoroughly finger detangled and natural curls are allowed to dry under a hood dryer or using a defuser
  • ”Blow Dried Twist Set” Hair is Blow Dried to stretch it and then neatly put into 5-8 twists. The style can be worn for many days then taken out to wear in a “twist out”. Blow drying allows for more length/volume.
  • ”Wash Day” Hair is cleansed, given a protein treatment, an Olaplex treatment and a moisture treatment then followed by your desired style.

Wash & Go45
Twist Set45
Blow Dried Twist Set55
Wash Day w/ Wash & Go75
Wash Day w/ Twist Set85
Wash Day w/ Blow Dried Twist Set95
Blowout, Essential/ Wash & Flat Iron45
Blowout, Classic/ Wash & Blowdry35