What is Kinky University

Kinky University is an independent online curly hair academy currently partnering with Clover Park Technical College to offer professional stylists and enrolled cosmetology students hands on curly hair workshops. Workshops include basic cutting, styling and color placement for curly hair.

The fundamentals of haircutting are the same regardless of texture, however, texture and curl pattern definitely effect the artistic approach. Having an understanding of the curly client is critical seeing as many to most women feel incompetent about their hair. Kinky University provides the fundamental theory for services but also for the consultations, the most important part of the service.

Kinky University’s goal is to familiarize as many stylists as possible with as many textures as possible ultimately bringing clients back to the professionals where they belong. The world needs knowledgeable curly stylists who can explain things to clients more than it needs one more curly hair product for our clients to buy and not know how to use.


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