Welcome Grouponers and thank you for your interest in this offer.

My name is MissEhrin and I will be your esthetician. Here at Azarra Salon we have many technicians who do many of the same services so it is very important that you schedule with the correct person. We do not employ a receptionist so to schedule an appointment using your Groupon voucher please click here or you may call the salon at (253)-752-1519 be sure to mention your voucher and what it is for.

A little bit about Beauty and Groupon

Groupon is a great way to market/promote beauty and beauty services, gain new clients & persuade existing clients to try something new in their self care regime. However here is how this is supposed to go. You purchase a groupon voucher to “try it” you love it and from there you return as an established regular price paying client.

Please understand that it is Groupon’s goal to sell as many vouchers as possible, that however is not our goal. Our goal is to attract new clients who are looking for a beauty professional that they can grow with for many years to come. It is nothing personal it is just math and business. It would be a beautiful thing if we could afford to repeatedly perform services at this price but it is not so. Please understand that we do want you as a repeat client but we also appreciate the fact that not everyone will be able to pay full price so we offer special pricing for those grouponers who pre-book their next appointment. Thank you so much for your understanding.