The Good Wife, Beauty

I believe that being pretty and being beautiful are two very different things. Being pretty is a matter of being aesthetically pleasing, however, being beautiful is a choice and a way of living. Beauty is something that radiates from within and is far more important than what the outside world sees. A beautiful person makes you feel beautiful as well by touching you in a way that helps you to forget your physical flaws and invites you to focus on who is on the inside

I, MissEhrin am “married” to Beauty. The spirit of beauty motivates me, convicts me and guides me on how to deal with each individual client.

Azarra Salon and Parking

Azarra Salon and Wine is a staple in the community. Established by Aura Mae over 25 years ago the salon started out on 6th ave and moved downtown seventeen years ago. We offer wine samples to guests 21+ and also offer those wines for sale. The salon is now located inside the historic Harmon Building so we are not visible from the street. You will need to enter the building and proceed to the second floor to reach the salon. We also have two entrances and either are fine for you to use. On the door of both entrances is a map to help you locate my studio in particular.

We are a dog-friendly salon so please do not be surprised if you are greeted by a four-legged friend instead of a receptionist. Dogs we have, a receptionist we do not. You are also welcome to bring your well-behaved fur babies to the salon.

Located behind the Harmon building there are four free parking stalls labeled Azarra Salon. If those stalls are all taken then you may proceed to the UW Cragle lot which is a paid lot. The max time limit here is 3 hours, be sure to note your stall number before proceeding to the pay station. In front of the building, there is paid street parking available however, the time limit is only 90 minutes, you will need to place your receipt on your driver’s side window as well.

If you are adventurous you may park at the Tacoma Dome and take the free link rail to the salon. You will want to exit the train at the Union Station stop.

The Studio

We here at Azarra are all independent technicians and everyone has their own unique space that represents them and their business. Inside the Good Wife, Beauty’s Studio there is, of course, a chair but there is also a facial table where I offer clients facials and waxing services so I keep the room nice and toasty. If you are interested you can download the UE-Megaboom app and choose the music we listen to during your appointment.

The consultation conversation

Everyone, especially new clients get to have a chat session before we begin. The consultation is built into the appointment time so there is no need to schedule a same-day consultation with your appointment. Feeling heard and establishing an understanding with your technician is a beautiful thing. It allows you to feel confident, safe and in control of the appointment instead of feeling like the service is just “happening to you” you will feel like you are a part of the service. I conversate with each person to also give myself those feelings of confidence, safety, and control. We will not proceed until we both feel comfortable and confident in what is about to happen. New clients will receive a welcome packet with some basic instructions which you are more than welcome to read and print and sign before you arrive.